Dances of Universal Peace

Newport 2-8-13

Dance Leader: Stephen

Musicians: Dave Chiller (percussion), Stephen (guitar)

1-Om Gum
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

2-Sarva Mangalam
Sarva Mangalam – May All Beings be Happy
Om Mane Pedme Hung – Jewel in the Lotus unfolding; we all have the seed of enlightenment within us

3-Meke Aloha
With Love

4-Wise Earth
The Earth that is Wise and Old… Dreams in Her Sleep and Stirs

5-Nayaz Dance
Beloved Lord, Almighty God
Beloved Lord, Almighty God
Through the rays of the Sun
Through the waves of the Air
Through the all-pervading life in space
Purify and revivify us
And, we pray, heal our bodies, hearts and soul
And, we pray, heal our bodies, hearts and soul

6-Trumpet Zikr
Balancing Sun and Moon

7-Steady On The Path
Muqtadir, Ya Qadir, Ya Matin Hu Allah
Muqtadir – actualize the divine purpose of our soul, and puts us on a particular path to God.
Qadir – limitless power moving the universe toward a specific destination
Matin – the strength to be steady and grounded under all circumstances

8-Send Us The Peace
Send Us The Peace of thy Divine Peace and Unite us All in they Perfect Being.

9-Thy Light Is In All Forms
Thy Light Is In All Forms, Thy Love in all Beings


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