Dances of Universal Peace

Newport NYE 2012

Newport Global Peace Dance

December 31, 2012

Sponsored by First Presbyterian Church, Interfaith Community for Peace & Justice, and Newport Dances of Universal Peace.

Guest Leader: Aziza Yolanda Aguirre
Guest Musician: Kate Schuyler (recorder)
Impromptu drummer: Jason
Leader & Guitarist: Stephen Pierce


2012 NYE Global Peace Dance Program

When fully present we have direct access to Unity with our higher states, community, the Earth, all living creatures, and Divine. Tonight’s program offers a New Beginning through presence, devotional singing, dance, prayer, and sharing open hearts in our community.

A New Beginning… connecting with the Divine to…

Seek guidance for your life path.  Ask for what you [really] want.

Dances tonight honor 7 traditions: Christian, Christian/Aramaic, Islamic, Sufi, Buddhist, Jewish, Native Culture, Hindu

8:30-9p – Potluck snacks and social time

9p-10:10p – First Dances

Walking Guided Meditation

1.  Amen Alleluia – Christian

Praise The Lord!

2.  Ancestors Sky People – Native

Guided by Ancestors in our New Beginning

3.  Kwan Zeon Bosai – Buddhist

Connecting with Compassion

4.  Kadosh Shemayiem – Jewish

Trans: Kadosh – Holy; Shemayiem – Heavens

We create a Holy space in our hearts, community, this room. Heaven as a state of being that is available as we experience Unity through attunement to light, sound, and these sacred phrases.

5.  Ram Nam Pranam Partner Dance – Hindu

Trans: Sri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram Om – Victory to God

This mantra is best known as a Peace mantra as used by Gandhi


10:10p-10:30p – Potluck Social Break

10:30p-Midnight – Second Dances

1.  Come, Come Whoever You Are – Sufi

Even though you’ve broken your vows a thousand times, come, come again.  La IllahaIl Allah – there is only the One God.

2.  Go Sweep Out the Chambers (of your heart) – Sufi – SKIPPED

Make it Ready to be the dwelling of the Beloved. When you depart, Love will Enter. In you void of yourself. God will display his/her beauties.

3.  Lord Make me an Instrument – Christian – SKIPPED

St. Francis of Assisi Prayer. Lord make me an instrument of thy peace. For it’s in giving that we receive. And, it’s in pardoning that we are pardoned. And it’s in dying, that we are born to eternal life.

4.  Tey Tey Malkutahk – Christian/Aramaic

Trans: Tey Tey – “Come Come”; Malkutahk – “Divine I Can” “Thy Kingdom Come”.  Nehywey Tzveyanakh – “Thy will be done”.

We align our vision and calling with the will of God, and invoke the I Can of Creation to walk our destiny.

5.  Almighty Peace – Islam

Allah Ho Akbar – “God is Great” and “Peace is Power”

Ya Salaam – Calling on Divine Almighty Peace

We call on God to bring Peace and Unity within our hearts and our actions.

6.  Ya Fattah – Sufi

Let me do thy will Allah (Oh Lord)

Ya Fattah – The opener of the way. Brings great power to clear the obstacles and open the path of your life for success, your New Beginning, aligned with Unity and Divine Will.

Dance leaders: Aziza Yolanda Aguirre (Seattle), Stephen Pierce (Monmouth)

Musicians: Kate Schuyler (Recorder), Stephen Pierce (Guitar)

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